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We started Maxwell to reinvent how the $8.5T residential mortgage industry works. Maxwell empowers mortgage professionals to be more connected, productive and successful by intelligently automating their workflow with homebuyers and realtors. That means we aim to enhance relationships between loan officers and their customers through online collaboration. We’re proud to work alongside loan officers on Maxwell to transform the way they do business.

Our Story

Maxwell was founded in 2015 by three friends who were fed up with the arduous process of getting a mortgage.

After speaking with hundreds of loan officers, homebuyers and real estate agents, Maxwell was born as a solution to bring the best loan officers a modern platform that would revolutionize their workflow. Buying a home is one of the happiest, most fulfilling experiences of a person’s life. We help make the mortgage just as fun.

  • John Paasonen | co-founder & CEO
  • Lance Poole | co-founder & Head of Product
  • Rutul Dave | co-founder & CTO

Our Core Values

There’s nothing more important to us than our core values. It’s how we make decisions, how we build our product, and how we serve our customers.

Empower our Customers

Empower our Customers

We started Maxwell because as homebuyers we did not feel empowered to make the best decision for the most important purchase of our life. We’re committed to deeply understanding the needs of loan officers and their homebuyers and agents, and to create technology that empowers them to be fulfilled.

Make it Happen

Make it Happen

There’s no job too small or task too low. At Maxwell, we all pitch in as a team and do what it takes to delight our users and to drive results. We execute ruthlessly, favor experimentation over debate, and make decisions as owners, not employees.

Work Authentically

Work Authentically

It starts with humility and empathy. Knowing what it takes to be successful yourself and how to empower those around you to be successful. We proactively share information to create trust and make smarter decisions. Our goal is to learn on our journey, whether we make a mistake or celebrate a victory.

Build a Community

Build a Community

In our industry, relationships and referrals are gold. We exist to deepen community among service-oriented professionals. Together, we’ll raise the bar of professionalism by helping those in our community move faster, smarter and better.

Put People First

Put People First

Our team is like family, so we focus on their well-being and the well-being of their own families. The best results come from dedicated people with the best minds (meaningful work, career opportunity, education), bodies (health, fitness), and spirits (work schedule, benefits, time off).

Buy a House, Build a House

At Maxwell, we believe that a home is far more than a financial transaction -- it is a place of security, of comfort and of restoration.

We are thrilled to be a sponsor partner of New Story Charity building life-saving homes that transform slums into sustainable communities across Haiti, Bolivia and El Salvador. A portion of Maxwell’s revenue is dedicated to building homes for those who need them most. Learn more about Maxwell’s partnership with New Story and discover opportunities to get involved.

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